About Us

THE BATTERY HOBART is a exclusive work space specifically tailored to consultants and professionals.

Be Inspired by the rich texture of local setting & culture that The Battery Point area has to offer. A mere 1 minute walk to the Salamanca precinct with effortless free parking out the front for clients as well as private allocated parking spaces for available for lease.

The space has been Architecturally designed by seasoned Interior Designer Alicia Winter, who has curated a luxurious Interior that speaks of Hobart to a unparalleled quality.

Our crafted interior is sophisticated and elegant and a place which we know you will be proud to bring a client.

The interior boasts a large spacious foyer,  8 person meeting room, superb kitchen facilities, open collaboration bench/ meeting area and bespoke coffee drinks bar and designer washroom facilities.

We have two work space options on offer which promote a positive working environment & dynamic:

  • Our open area desks: These have been customized to create a seemingly limitless space within a considered semi private area.
  • For those who need their own private room we have private offices on offer.

THE BATTERY  is currently leasing for single placements through to small groups.

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